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Hū Honua Toxic Gas Release to Hāmākua Area Residents and Agriculture


My name is Bryon Lee.

I am a resident and homeowner in Papaikou, Hawaii. I am a severe asthmatic and am extremely concerned about Hu Honua's project in Pepeekeo and the release of toxic gases, irritants and emissions that will affect my health and quality of life, also affecting other residents health, agriculture, our watersheds, and our livestock of the Hamakua Coast.

I am very worried about this project going forward and it is causing me extreme stress because the project has not been required to conduct an Environmental Assessment (EA), nor an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), even though part of the plant falls on public shoreline.

The law says that if a project uses public money, or is built on public land, it must undergo environmental review. Even the DLNR has written a letter saying that Hu Honua must undergo environmental review for this reason. But Hu Honua refuses to do so, and no one seems willing to enforce this law, HRS 343.

Please help us protect our health in the Hamakua 

community by doing the right thing.


Bryon Lee"

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