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Hū Honua- Unauthorized direct drain inlet and drain pipe to old mill foundation

Screenshot of drain inlet and pipe to old mill foundation

"Robin Matsumoto (engineering regulatory specialist) told me that the Public Works  Department made Hu Honua take out the inlet and direct drain pipe connection to the old mill house foundation "drainage basin" in their approved drainage study.  Here is a  screenshot of a grading plan.  Where is the engineering report for that?  Where is the engineering report for the drainage basin and outfall at Outfall 001?  More piping has been added to outfall 004.  Where is the drainage study for that?  What is the rate of discharge?  Where is the sampling point?  Can not reach if from the pali.

DOH does not have authority to approve what the County DPW has determined was not approved in Hu Honua's Drainage Study.  DOH must require that DPW approves the drainage system Hu Honua is using in the proposed NPDES HIS 000557 draft permit because compliance with County storm drainage standards ("County requirements") is a condition of the draft NPDES permit. Also, see labels indicating dry wells?  They should be covered by NPDES HIS 000557 or a UIC permit, one or the other.  Silt socks around dry wells?  How is that going to stop an illicit biofuel spill?  Did you see the size of the biofuel fuel tank?  Where is the NPDES permit coverung the biofuel tank, and the empoundment? Is the empoundment enclosure for spills adequate?  Where is the math? Also there are a lot fewer "drywells" then promised in the drainage study.  Hu Honua is gaming the system and trying get around DOH's regulatory scheme by specing out 8 foot wide 7 foot deep dry wells.  DOH should tell DPW to direct Hu Honua to either get an NPDES or UIC permit."

- Claudia Rohr

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