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Kū Kahakalau and Lanakila Mangauil Speak Out Against Hū Honua and Its Assault on Hawaiian Values

Left: Kū Kahakalau; Right: Lanakila Mangauil

"In my opinion, when a project or a company has no connection with Hawaiian Values and our Hawaiian way of life, it should not have a Hawaiian name. To my knowledge, there is nothing Hawaiian about this company.  In fact, their actions are blatantly ANTI-“honua ola.”  They’re here to make money at the expense of our resources, especially our life-giving fresh water. Join us as we rise together to mālama our way, our ʻāina, and our kai!"

- Kū Kahakalau, native Hawaiian educator, researcher, song-writer, and expert in Hawaiian language, history and culture and founder of Ku-A-Kanaka Indigenous Institute for Language and Culture

"Water is the source of all life. Ka wai ke kumu ola. It is a pinnacle concept that our values as Kanaka Maoli guide us to protect.  “Honua Ola / Hū Honua” is but a continuation of the unethical treatment of a primary element of life.  It is also a false flag of “clean energy,” adding carbon levels to our skies and toxins to our waters and oceans.  We must  not allow this false flag of “clean, sustainable energy” to move forward and further contaminate our ʻāina!  Especially when TRUE clean and sustainable technology exists.  We must stop seeing our natural resources as expendable to our monetary interests and remember, “He aliʻi ka ʻāina, he kaua ke kanaka.”  The land is chief, the people are the servants.  Healthy ʻāina = healthy community."

- Lanakila Mangauil, educator, Hawaiian cultural practitioner, Mauna Kea advocate, founder of Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hāmākua

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